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Publicatie datum 13.09.2023

Retirement Consultant - Pension Plans - Dutch Speaker

Job Description

The Company

WTW is an award-winning advisory, broking and solutions company that helps clients around the world turn risk into a path for growth.

From the Titanic ship in 1912 to The Moon Buggy in 1971, WTW has a richness in [insurance] history dating back to 1828.

The Role

The pension landscape in the Netherlands will change drastically in the coming years as a result of the pension agreement. As a result, all current pension schemes will have to be adjusted.

As an (medior) analyst, you are part of a team in which you are the linking pin between employers and providers in the pension market.
Together with your team, you advise the employer by mapping out the possible changes and making cost analyses. In addition, you provide insight into what a change in the pension scheme means for your customer's employees by making forecast calculations. Depending on the customer's wishes and situation, interesting compensation issues can arise, both within and outside the pension domain.

In order to implement a change in the pension scheme, all stakeholders must agree. This can lead to strategic discussions in which you advise and support the employer in convincing works councils, trade unions and individual employees.
When everyone has agreed to a new pension scheme, it is your job to select the most suitable pension provider.

For this you go to the market to request quotes from pension providers. Based on the analysis of the quotations received, you and your team choose the contractor that best suits the situation and wishes of the customer. You discuss the results with the customer, after which the quote from the best administrator is signed and the customer has a new pension scheme.

After the introduction of the pension scheme, you will remain in contact with the customer about developments in legislation and at the customer, so that the pension scheme remains in line with the customer's situation.

Retirement is a far-from-my-bed show for many people. It is your job to ensure that the customer understands your story and thereby learns more about pension. In addition, you will make presentations for individual employees to explain pension schemes and to provide insight into the various options for the employees.

You will work for companies based in the Netherlands. It often happens that you have to deal with multinationals whose contact persons are abroad. The mix of Dutch companies and multinationals ensures challenging and dynamic work.

The work of an analyst at Pension Brokerage consists of a good combination of qualitative and quantitative work where you have quick customer contact, are responsible for project management and are given the opportunity to grow into a consultant.

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