Wat kun je doen bij heimwee in het buitenland?

You are ready! Emigrating abroad is a huge adventure and you are looking forward to it. You leave the familiar and exchange it for something that you have high expectations for. Away from friends and family and towards a new life. It is therefore a big disappointment when you get homesick after a while. The adventure you imagined so great ends with a damper. It is not at all strange if you get homesick and in this article we give you tips to prevent homesickness or rather how to deal with it, because homesickness is not really to be avoided if you are sensitive to it.

Know what you are missing

Before you leave, consider what you will miss once you have emigrated. Everyone must have something that is difficult to leave behind when leaving abroad. Even if you have little social and family ties with your home country, you will certainly miss something. Think of pets that cannot come along, your favorite pub, your home or the Dutch kitchen. Acknowledge the things you will miss, because this will reduce the blow afterwards. If necessary, write down these things and consciously consider them.

Know why you are going to emigrate

In addition to a list of things you will miss, try to make a list of reasons why you have chosen emigration. The flip side of this is a list of 'negative' points about your home country. You will not emigrate for no reason and there are probably many positive points that support your decision. If you miss your home country, it is completely normal. However, by including your list of reasons, you will know exactly why you have taken this step.

Stuff with memories

If you are afraid that you are going to miss certain things, try packing some things with memories. Think also of foods that you like very much and that are not available in the destination country. Think of photos and foods with a long expiration date.


Save before you leave. Not only to have a buffer for unforeseen matters, but also to have the opportunity to return to the Netherlands every now and then. Especially on special days and special occasions, the loss of friends and family can be very great. Reserve extra money for this in your budget, then the step to a short holiday will be a lot smaller. Just the idea that you have the opportunity to do so can significantly reduce the chance of homesickness.

Talk about it

Last van heimwee hebben, brengt een gevoel van schaamte mee dat groot kan zijn. Je bent misschien bang dat mensen vinden dat je faalt. Of je twijfelt zelf waarom je de keuze hebt gemaakt om naar het buitenland te verhuizen. Hier klopt natuurlijk niets van. Steek dan ook het gevoel van heimwee niet onder stoelen of banken, maar praat erover. Praten lucht heel erg op en door je bloot te geven aan iemand, kom je vaak weer even met beide benen terug op aarde.

Het gaat maar niet over

The way you get used to it, homesickness is often a temporary feeling. Of course, one person is much more homesick than the other and there is nothing to say about how long you continue to suffer from it. Perhaps your image of a life back in the Netherlands is too rosy. Try to look at the Netherlands with a slightly more negative view and write down these points. That list will also come in handy sooner or later and we are sure that you will find something why you do not want to return. Also register to our newsletter, so you stay informed of even more useful tips!