Wat moet je vooral niet doen wanneer je in het buitenland woont

It is a big step to leave home and fire for an adventure abroad. You have already mapped everything out and your plan is ready to be implemented. Maybe you have no plan at all and your plan is just to leave and you will see where the ship is stranded. There is something to be said for both principles, but we are happy to tell you what you should not do when you move abroad. Only deal with Dutch people It feels very familiar to visit a group of Dutch people after arriving in your new home country and to stay in that safe bubble forever. That is very understandable because you are dealing with a strange environment, a different language and a new culture. Of course, looking up Dutch people can help you get through the first difficult period. They may have tips and tricks for you and you can meet new people through them. This is fine, but try not to hang on to it for too long and also seek contact with the locals in addition to people with your own nationality. This way you will learn the language, the culture faster and you will sooner feel that your new home is also your home. Take a course or go to the local cafe and try to get between the locals that way. Before you know, Be firm In the first weeks or months, the new situation is the distraction you have from missing things at home. You have to get used to your new environment and have the feeling of being at home now. As a result, you tend to stay in your new environment a lot and get used to it as soon as possible. As soon as the new is finished, you can get the feeling that you are in a black hole. You are going to miss things from the Netherlands and you realize more and more that you are far away from friends and family where life continues undisturbed. Try to get ahead of this feeling and go out the door. Not only get to know the new environment, but also get to know your new home country. You may even have the opportunity to visit some neighboring countries. Travel is an enrichment of your life. Make use of it if you have the chance. Don't mind your budget One of the pitfalls of moving abroad is a tight budget. If you do not pay attention to your budget, the financial consequences are incalculable. Then make a financial planning. Here you keep track of what your budget is, what you spent it on and what fixed costs you have. Also keep in mind that you should be able to return to the Netherlands at any time. Think of an emergency in the family. Keeping your budget should of course not predominate, but it is a very important point to take into account. If you have the space in your budget, try to have fun. Nobody moves abroad to stare at the wallpaper from the walls. Reserve money for fun trips, Subscribe to our newsletter today and receive much more interesting information about emigrating, living and working abroad and vacancies!

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